Kraka Jet Board

Some fear change. Others drive it. The Jet Board that totally changes your Maritime Capability.

Work undetected.

Kraka is designed and developed to the highest level of detail, for operational work in critical and challenging situations at sea – where silence, low profile, accessibility, and agility are crucial for the mission’s success.

Behind Enemy Lines.

Kraka fills the gap where other small floating devices fail due to shape, loading capacity, draft, or noise. The board is available in three sizes and with different feasible advantages, for dive, air and transport.

Cache, Your Best Secret.

Hide or transport Kraka under water. When you are ready to go, she is inflated within seconds.

Air to Target.

Overwater deployment of the Kraka Jet Board utilizing the Sword Aerial Delivery System provides the end user with an unmatched and previously unattainable maritime capability for rescue, recovery and tactical insertion operations.

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