Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR helmet for search and rescue

The Team Wendy EXFIL® SAR is the first purpose-built search and rescue helmet to offer tactical accessory mounting capabilities while providing protection that meets key industrial and mountaineering requirements. The helmet is available in two models. The EXFIL® SAR Tactical is optimized for use with night vision devices and features a machined aluminum Wilcox® NVG shroud insert as well as a four-point adjustable CAM-FIT™ retention system with full chin cup. For users who do not operate with night vision, the EXFIL SAR Backcountry sports a glass-reinforced polycarbonate shroud insert for mounting cameras and lights, and an under-the-chin retention strap with magnetic closure. Both models are ideal mounting platforms and are compatible with rail-mounted accessories, such as the EXFIL® Picatinny Quick Release Adapter and EXFIL® Peltor™ Quick Release Adapter. Each version of the EXFIL® SAR meets a variety of performance standards, including the EN12492:2012 European Standard for Mountaineering Helmets, EN1385:2012 European Standard for Whitewater Helmets, and current Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) blunt impact requirements. The helmet also provides a high level of off-crown shock absorption not seen in many industrial and climbing helmets, meeting this requirement of EN14052:2012 European standard for high performance industrial helmets.

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