Safariland 7TS Tactical Holster


Ryan Johnson has been a police officer for nine years and a SWAT team member for four. We joined him on the range to find out more about the different ways he sets up his rig as a tactical operator, and why he chooses to use an adaptable system like the 7TS™ Series Tactical holsters.

“They’ve got their three-hole pattern on the back. It’s great for mounting on UBLs or the QLS locking systems like I have here,” says Johnson. “I put them on the drop legs or UBLs for different belts that I’m using. Really good setup, keeps them modular, that way you’re not setting them up with one system that you can’t change around.”

In addition to adaptability, Johnson appreciates the speed at which he can switch up his gear. “One of the adaptors I use on 7TS holsters is the MOLLE locking system. This thing is great for going in and out of plate carriers, or heavy entry kits,” Johnson adds. “If I’m running a drop leg to clear some body armor…this stuff is awesome. You get right in and out of it super quick and then if you’re going to run a belt setup it comes right out, and you’re able to get right into a belt setup attached to your UBL.”

One of the other adaptable features of the 7TS Series Holster is the ability to add and remove lights to firearms as needed. “A huge factor for me in using this is you’ve got these various lights on different setups. This holster will allow for a stream light to run in here as well as a gun mounted with Surefire X300,” says Johnson. “It’s really good when you’re running different weapons platforms with different lights and such, because you can get all of those things in and out of there, retaining all that same retention on the gun.”

“The stuff that they make is great. I like the modularity Safariland has come up with, and you’re able to quickly adapt to whatever mission you might have.” -Ryan Johnson

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