Women in Combat

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TYR Tactical Epic Female Carrier


Lateral darts on the outer carrier have an inset/cut above the breast tissue to accommodate shoulder rotation and allow for shouldering weapon, solving the issue of protecting vital organs and breast tissue.


Two lateral darts, on the tactical outer carrier, contour around the females natural shape while still providing a full range of motion, support and eliminates excess compression on the breast tissue.



The front of the female carrier incorporates a gusseted plate pocket, relieving tension and pressure normally placed on the body from the hard plate in typical plate pocket configurations. Improved motion range allows increased ergonomics and performance, and decreased hot spots on the body by utilizing our airflow chamber technology.



In the past, load carriage has typically been static and designed in a vertical alignment, which does not self-adjust with the operator’s natural movements. Female shaped components such as the shoulders, yoke, collar and belt were created to enhance the overall female system.

Air Force Base using Women’s Carrier

Mountain Home Air Force Base is evolving its equipment for the women who serve in security forces on the base. “This is the first base in the Air Force, that has actually gone to fruition in purchasing and testing a good amount,” said Sgt. Steven Pyott, NCOIC of Supply and Resources for 366 security forces squadron at the base. Senior Airman Anna Hale is one of the security force members that has benefitted from the new vests. Her job is to defend the base by dispatching to alarms or guarding the gates. The plate carrier she wears is designed to hold tools while keeping her protected with steel ballistic plates. The plate carriers have evolved over the years but never before have been shaped to fit women. The men’s vests would take a toll on Hale at times.

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